Cover design - $75

This usually involves providing me with a comp image from a site like Fotolia. I can lay the text on it (title/author name/etc) and add designs to it (sparkles/patterns/things along those lines for flair). I can manipulate the images to an extent, such as changing the color of parts of it, although the range with which I can change it depends upon the shade of the original color (so if it starts dark I probably won't be able to make a light, pale color out of it).

If you don't have a specific image in mind for your cover you can shoot me some ideas about what you want and I can go look around. You would have to buy the actual image, though. Regardless, I'll send you samples of the cover using the comp images so that you can see if you're happy with it before buying the proper images themselves.

Box set cover design - $125

This works about the same way that normal covers do. You tell me how many books are in your box set, and I'll make a template for it. This includes a design for the spines of the books.

Avatar/banner/business card design - $25 each

Same as above, mostly. I will require size dimensions for any of these. I have a Vistaprint template for business cards, but if you intend to print elsewhere it'd be best if I could get a template specific to the company in question.